London Pride 2016

London Pride 2016

UK might have voted to leave the EU but the Londoners took to the streets to celebrate love and the unity it brings at the London Pride 2016. They proved…Read More

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Maira’s 1st birthday

Maira's 1st birthday

Maira’s 1st birthday was celebrated in a grand manner at the Central Park club, Prestige Shantiniketan. Surrounded by family and friends there was no dearth of fun, laughter and togetherness.…Read More

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Beat Gurus | Indigo Live

Beat Gurus

“Beat Gurus” are a percussion instrumental band from Bangalore. They play the African drum called the “Djembe” and accompanied by a flute and a didgeridoo. I had the privileged of listening to…Read More

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The veins

Oh God! How great are your creations. You created every single life giving vein in living beings helping them flourish. Every little vein has a role to play in spreading…Read More

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Goan monsoon

Moored on the Nerul river, Goa

The monsoons are always a time of delight, the heavy rains bringing in much needed relief from the sweltering heat. Its is also the time for most of the fishermen…Read More

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The plunge

Day 23 – One moment we were riding the peaceful waters and the next the strong wind toppled the kayak and we took a plunge.

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Life is not always a burdened, uphill and dark journey. The path might be rough, laid in with barbered wire and the light on the other side might seem like the…Read More

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Street performers

Professional street performers pose for a picture. These guys take their art very serious. As you can see they have taken care of every single detail. The make up, clothes,…Read More

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Graffiti Festival | Bristol

These images were made at the Bristol Graffiti & Street Art festival that happens every year. This festival helps in channelling the artistic capabilities of various street artists. These images…Read More

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Glyngarth | Ooty

Glyngarth | Ooty

This is Glyngarth Villa at Ooty. This is a 160 year old British villa nestled in its higher reaches. A colonial town of the past, now bustling with tourists from…Read More

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Bath city | Somerset, England

Actor at the Roman bath

Bath city is a world heritage site of epic beauty and tranquillity. Located on the banks of the river Avon, beautiful cascades, bridges and endless walkways are just a stones…Read More

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When lightning strikes

Nature in all its glory. Lightning as witnessed at Brigade Metropolis today. This is a part of the “Mission 365+1” project. 508 total views, no views today

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The scallops are soft and fleshy in texture with a mild flavor. Scallops are mollusks that have two beautiful convexly ridged, or scalloped, shells. They consist of two shells hinged…Read More

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The Monk

A monk strikes a pose for me at the Thiksey monastery in Leh.   This is a part of the “Mission 365+1” project. 1,042 total views, no views today

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Red bull air race

Red bull air race-London

At the Red bull air race with Nicholas Ivanoff in the pilot’s seat. This is a part of the “Mission 365+1” project. 1,835 total views, no views today

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The candy jar

Candy in a bottle

“The best camera is the one that’s with you” says Chase Jarvis, one of the creative and famous photographers I follow very closely. He is one of the many who…Read More

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Fire dancers at Phi-Phi

Today’s image was made in Phi-Phi – Thailand. The fire dancers are seen performing on the beach entertaining the tourists. This is a part of the “Mission 365+1” project. 935 total…Read More

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This is Kabir. He is the almost three years old. One of most friendly young men that I have met so far. He is at an age where there is a…Read More

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Mission 365+1

Camp site as Jispa - The Himalayas

Here’s kick starting the “Mission 365+1” with one of my favourite images. The idea of this project it to be able to post one image or video every single day…Read More

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The race boat

Every vacation  that I go on, I try to capture that one special moment that is not only a great image but is also probably the highlight of the entire…Read More

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What God unites man shall not take apart

Weddings are joyous occasions for the couples getting married. They are also occasions for fun filled family time. A lot of time and effort goes into meticulously preparing for the big day so as to make it a memorable one. It gives me great pleasure in helping you preserve these memories with my pictures so that you can revisit the pomp and glory of your wedding day when ever you feel like.

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Bath City – UK

This rider is a part of a scooter club in Bath city – UK. A panned image captured as the rider speeds along the motorway. 3,305 total views, no views today

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Oh! What a wondrous place Thailand is! From its people, to food to the various breathe taking sights and sounds. It never ceases to amaze. 5,444 total views, no views today

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