Dune bashing in Dubai | GoPro

Dune bashing in Dubai

Dune bashing in Dubai is got to be one of the most fun things to do, especially when you are riding shotgun. Special permits are required for the drivers, so don’t bother asking them for a drive. The views are spectacular with the changing terrain. If you keep the motion sickness at bay and your breakfast down, the skids, the climbs, the plunges in the dunes are just the thing for you. As the SUV bounces along the dunes, don’t forget to take a pause and digest the vastness of the desert and the beauty of the dunes.

The dune bashing in Dubai is generally topped off with dinner and performances by the Whirling Dervish at a campsite in the middle of the desert. All in all a great way to experience a new place and culture.


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