‘Moi’andering in Paris

Tour de Eiffel

The people and places

The people and places of Paris are just the way I imagined them to be – Stylish and Suave. For the short while that I spent there I realized that this city can be very dramatic in its own way. Be it the many attractions in Paris or the local street side cafes that serve up French delicacies and beverages, each of these places exudes a certain character, a certain sense of mystic that makes you sit back and think about the centuries that have gone by leaving the many monuments and streets untouched. There is a strange feeling of timelessness in the air that is clearly beyond compare . May be I was reliving scenes from the “The Da Vinci Code”.

There is no better way to experience the city than to walk around the endless streets. The longer distances are best covered by road or the boats that ply the Seine. Definitely a good time to put into practice all the street photography techniques that I have picked up along the way.


The food

Ah! French food! What can i say, the wine, cheese, bakes, roasts and everything in between. Bold flavors and subtle nuances representing the various regions of France. You have to try it to partake in the sensuous bliss that is ‘French Cuisine’. The important thing is the pairing of the right wine with the right type of food. I am no expert in this field but will definitely agree that wine pairing does work magic.

Have a look at this post for more mouth watering French dishes. Viewer discretion is advised. Can cause acute salivation. 😉

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