Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | Abu Dhabi

This is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi. About a 20 minute drive away the Abu Dhabi is located this magnificent landmark. Visible from a distance are its 4 minars and a few of its 82 domes. The construction of the iconic landmark was started with Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan laying the foundation. Completed in 2007, it is a mix of Arab, Persian, Mughal and Moorish architecture.

The visitors to the mosque are in for a visual treat with its extravagant interiors, Marble floors with intricate stone work creating various kinds of motifs. Similar motifs can be found in the many archways and pillars that line the outer sections of the mosque.  The Iranian carpet on the inner floor is the largest carpet in the world. The carpeted area can seat 10,000 people in one go. So I will leave the size of the place up to your imagination. The chandeliers on the inside with its intricate Swaroski crystal work are a visual treat. All in all a display of some fantastic craftsmanship.

The outer sections will seat up to 30,000 people. Enjoy your visit when ever you are here and dont forget to carry your camera like i did ;). If you did, dont sweat it. You cellphone photos will work just fine.


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