The candy jar

Candy in a bottle

“The best camera is the one that’s with you” says Chase Jarvis, one of the creative and famous photographers I follow very closely. He is one of the many who promote cellphone photography as a means of capturing the moment and expressing one’s creativity.
It is not very hard to take to cellphone photography given the fact that most of us have a smartphone with us most of the time. The average smartphone camera has bypassed the quality of digital cameras that were available not so long ago. They even come with their own creative modes of clicking and quick editing images on the go. So, that being said i thought I should start sharing some of the cellphone images that I made in the recent past. The mantra of the day anyway is ‘click and share’.

The image for today ‘The candy jar’ was shot with a clip-on wide angle lens. A very handy attachment to make your cellphone pics interesting.

This is a part of the “Mission 365+1” project.

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